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About This Site

About This Site

This web site, launched May 2000, was lovingly handcrafted (or perhaps handmangled) in straight HTML using Microsoft Notepad. Although an HTML editor would have sped up the production of pages, I wasn't interested in having a software program create pages that were so complicated I couldn't tinker with the code myself. As of summer 2002, though, I've been playing around with FrontPage while updating these pages and have probably bloated up the HTML considerably. Alas.

The Man Behind the Curtain

My name is Stephen Francoeur. I have been working since January 1999 in the Information Services Division of the William and Anita Newman Library at Baruch College, which is part of the City University of New York. From January through May 1999, I worked as an intern. When that internship ended, I was hired by the library to work part-time as a library assistant. When I completed my MLS degree at the Pratt Institute School of Information and Library Science in February 2000, my title changed to librarian. In September 2000, I began working full time as an information services librarian at Baruch. My time at work is balanced between working at the reference desk, facilitating the chat reference service for the Newman Library, teaching open workshops and course-integrated lectures, and serving as a liaison to the honors program, the religion program, and the philosophy department at Baruch College.

Here are some other creations of mine available on the web:

Digital Reference
This is my blog, where I actively post messages, mostly on the topic of digital reference services, but also on library web site design and library 2.0.

New Titles in Reference
These pages include annotated lists I made of reference books newly acquired by the Newman Library at Baruch College. Because the library's website uses frames, you'll have to go through several clicks to get to my pages rather than just link directly to my pages. First, click on the link above and then from there, the link to "New Titles in Reference." Next, click the link to the "Archive." From the Archive, you can get to the two lists I created for March 1999 and May 1999.

As the editor of Keyword, the newsletter of the Student Association at Pratt's School of Information and Library Science, I was responsible for the September and November 1999 issues.

New Jersey Journal of Communication Subject Index (1993-1999)
As a graduate assistant to Prof. Marie Radford at the Pratt Institute, I helped create this index using ERIC subject terminology (descriptors and identifiers).

"An Analysis of Chat Reference Services." Reference Services Review 29 (2001): 189-203.
For this article, I did a survey (current to May 2001) of all the chat reference services I was able to find in operation on the web. I analyzed what kinds of libraries were offering the service, what software they used, and whether they were participating in some sort of a reference consortium or partnership. I also reviewed the literature on chat reference and discussed the strengths and weaknesses of such service. This article is available full-text in Emerald Fulltext (subscription required).


"Digital Reference Service"
Arthur Downing, Lisa Ellis, and I spoke about the launch of e-mail and chat reference services at the Newman Library at Baruch College at the 4th annual Teaching and Technology Conference at Baruch College, New York, NY, on March 9, 2001.

"Reaching Out to the College Community through Digital Reference"
At the 2001 LACUNY Institute, held on May 18, 2001, at Baruch College, Lisa Ellis and I detailed how the Newman Library's e-mail and chat reference services allow the library to serve the needs of a diverse student body.

"Chat Reference at Baruch College"
On July 12, 2001, I gave a presentation at a workshop at the Metropolitan New York Library Council on digital reference.

"Applying Information Competency to Digital Reference"
Paper presented on August 20, 2001, with Lisa Ellis at the 67th IFLA Council and General Conference in Boston, MA.

"Information Competency Standards in Chat Reference Services"
Presentation made with Lisa Ellis on November 12, 2001, at the Virtual Reference Conference in Orlando, FL.
"Panel on Chat Reference"
On  June 12, 2003,  Harriet Shalat of the New York Public Library and I gave a presentation about our library's chat reference services at the annual meeting of the Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries.

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