Thursday, April 08, 2010

Chat Sessions That Require Followup

I'm in the middle of another number crunching phase here at Baruch. I'm trying to find an accurate way to estimate the number of chat reference sessions in which the librarian decided to refer the question on for followup via email (in the QuestionPoint system, librarians just bring up the transcript for a question that has been marked for followup, click an "Answer" button, type a reply, hit "Send," and the reply goes off to the email address that the patron provided when they logged in to chat). The QuestionPoint reporting features don't seem to provide a way to identify every single chat session that had some sort of email followup, but by using some comparisons of different reports, I was able to make a defensible estimation that about one in five chat sessions gets marked for followup.


At 5:36 PM , Blogger calebtr said...

I always had trouble with this one as well. It isn't only the questions that are marked for followup that get the followup.

But if you really want, you can get this if you export the records as XML.

If you are fancy, or want to learn to be fancy, you can write an XSL stylesheet to identify which records include messages from the librarian after the chat was disconnected. I am happy to do share the files I created in the past.

If you aren't fancy, you can get the same results with some extreme find-and-replace. Something like:

- remove line breaks (^p in Word)
- replace '' with line break
- remove everything between '' and 'Chat session has ended' (or whatever appears at the end of each session)
- sort in excel and go from there

I think XSLT is easier, actually. All you do is edit some text files and open them in Firefox.


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